When we are pregnant we carry our babies for 9 whole months so it makes perfect sense that after they are welcomed into the world, we keep them as close as possible to offer a comfortable environment with familiar sounds.

Baby wearing is great for both mum or dad and many parents swear by baby wearing for being able to carry out daily tasks such as house work or even just getting ready in the morning!

One of our favourite baby carriers and one that has been in the market for a few years now is the Mountain Buggy Juno; a multi-functional carrier that can be used from birth all the way through to toddler (20kg!) in a range of 4 different positions to suit both you and your little one!

Today we want to talk through the 4 positions of the Juno and how each one can be used to help you baby wear comfortably for as long as you want to.

Front carrying with baby facing inwards…

From birth up to 6 months your little one should be carried on the front of your body facing inwards but they can also remain in this position until they are around 24 months old. The newborn insert that is included with the Juno is adjustable in length so can grow with your baby and will also provide good head, back and neck support for a great carrying position.

Front carrying with baby facing outwards…

As mentioned earlier, your baby should be carried facing inwards until they are around 6 months old however after this they can also be carried facing outwards allowing them to see the world and explore! Juno offers a great sitting position for your baby aswell as good support for you and you can even get teething pads for the Juno so that when your little one starts to teeth, they are not chewing the fabric!

Hip carrying…

In hip carrying mode, you can put your little one on the left or right hip; whichever is most comfortable, and this can be done from when your child is 6 months to 24 months old. Hip carrying is an alternative to front or back carrying and dependent on your preferences you can choose which is most comfortable for you!

Back carrying with baby facing inwards…

Your baby can be also be carried on your back from 6 months old and you can use this position until they are around 48 months old or 20kg! Back carrying is super comfortable as the weight is distributed across your core and the way the Juno is fitted offers great support.

The Juno has won multiple awards including the JPMA Innovation Award, Junior Design Award and it is also recognised by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as being a ‘hip-healthy product’ meaning you can rest assured you baby is in safe hands!

If you’re looking for a carrier that is great for both you and your little one then Juno is definitely worth a look. Shop the range now and let us know what you think!