If you’re looking for a pram with a little personality then Cosatto is absolutely the brand for you and with all of the colourful patterns and prints, you are sure to find a model that fits into your life perfectly.

When it comes down to choosing the model that is the right one for you, its very easy to get confused because to the untrained eye – they all pretty much look the same right? As much as different models may look the same, there will be a little detail that could make a particular pushchair the perfect one for you.

In today’s blog post we wanted to take a look at two of Cosatto’s best selling models; the Ooba and the Giggle, and hopefully help you to work out which one will slot into your family life in the very best way.

Cosatto Ooba

Cosatto Giggle 2

Which is best, 3 or 4 wheels?

One of the main differences between these two superstars are the number of wheels on the chassis, but what is the difference? A few years ago it would have been argued that 3 wheeled pushchairs were he most manoeuvrable but in my opinion whether you go for 3 or 4 wheels, you will be able to navigate city streets with ease and style!

Type of wheel – multi terrain or solid and smooth?

The Giggle 2 is built with all round suspension to offer a smooth ride but if your planning on heading out of town to rougher terrains then the Ooba may be the one for you thanks to the tread for extra grip and the two larger front wheels.

Size of Basket

 Although both pushchairs have a good size basket, the Ooba basket is slightly bigger to hold a few more essentials! If you’re a light traveller then the Giggle could be the one for you but a little extra space won’t hurt too!

Little or Large? – Overall Size

 As you can see, the overall size of the Ooba is quite a lot bigger than the Giggle, from the size and width of the chassis to the carrycot and seat unit. With a bigger size, of course there is more weight too and the Giggle chassis is 1kg lighter than the Ooba making it lighter for carrying too!

Whether you decide on the Giggle or the Ooba, we can assure you will not be disappointed but maybe these little details will help you make a decision on the pushchair that is 100% perfect for you.