Traveling with your little one can be quite hectic and when you feel like you’ve packed everything other than the kitchen sink, you also need somewhere for them to sleep. I always think of travel cots as being real hard work when it comes to putting them up and down – especially fitting them back into the bag at the end of the trip but since we are in 2017 – the actual reality is that time has moved on and there are some great travel cots available now that can make travelling with your little one easier than ever before!

In the bag, the Phil & Teds Traveller is compact and lightweight, weighing just a super small 6lbs (lighter than most newborns!) and the handy carry bag is perfect for carrying the cot with ease. Out of the bag, the cot clicks together in just a few simple steps with the frame making a solid base to keep your cot safe and sturdy.

Once up, you’re ready to go and not only is the Traveller for travelling, (duh!) it is also great for using at home both inside or outside and you can but a shade for the top to keep your little one protected! The side of the Traveller can zip down making the cot great for daytime playing and when it comes to sleeping, the mesh sides are great for keeping an eye on your little one and they can see you too!

Putting the Traveller down is as simple as putting it up and it can be easily packed away in a matter of minutes. For ease the Traveller also comes in a handy carry case and at just 65cm x 20cm its fits snugly into most spaces too!

Shop the Traveller here and let us know where you’re traveling to this summer!