Since becoming a mother some of my hobbies that I used to enjoy became much harder to do. As I’m sure most mothers can testify to. Alongside the obvious childcare issues is the fact that actually spending time with my children was just more important. More recently I have been finding ways to include my children in my hobbies because I have realised the importance for me that I don’t forget myself entirely even if I’m not necessarily the priority anymore.

One hobby that I have been keen to get back into In particular is running. I used to run all the time when I was younger. I am talking during my school years now. So much, much younger. Every cross country race you would find me there beaming with energy. Age, children and energy levels have changed a lot since those days but the enjoyment I get from running hasn’t altered even if my ability has!

The most obvious way for me to be able to get back into running again was to find a great pram that meant I could take my little one with me. We are a very outdoorsy family anyway so I didn’t have any doubt that involving my youngest in running would be enjoyable for him. The Bugaboo Runner seemed to tick every box for me. Firstly I love the look of the pram. I’ll hold my hands up appearances matter to me. In fact as I’m being honest I may aswell admit that is the only reason I got the pram.

But wait, it turns out that despite my shallow pram sourcing abilities, the Bugaboo Runner ticks absolutely every box. The tyres are air filled which makes for a comfortable ride for the little one and a great experience as the runner. My son really enjoys the nice high seating position giving him great views while I run.

I love the fact that you tilt the pram backwards to change direction. Making it very safe for cornering when you are running fast. Not only that but you can definitely feel it in your core as you do so and therefore an added bonus for those tummy muscles. The pram has a large break running across the handles bars too, I haven’t had to use this as maybe I’m not running fast enough yet but what an amazing safety feature never the less!

As with all Bugaboo prams there are fantastic accessories you can purchase for added convenience. In particular I love the footmuffs for the colder days or those early morning runs.

Having this pram has given me more motivation and less excuses for running. I am able to spend time with my little one. We often run to the park and I let him play while I compose myself ready to run home again. I think its so important for both physical and mental health to spend time outdoors and even better if you are getting exercise too! If you are considering getting into running or are already a keen runner I can’t recommend this pram enough.