Mountain Buggy are a brand that allow us to live life without limit and Mountain Buggy Riders are the perfect way for our little ones to do this too. Today we want to show you this fabulous range from Mountain Buggy so you can get out and about with your children without a hitch!

Mountain Buggy Bagrider

We are all about products that make travelling with toddlers that little bit easier and this summer we have been OBSESSED with the latest invention from Mountain Buggy and we know you have too! Let us introduce the Bagrider; an ingenious idea that takes the worry out of travelling through an airport, I mean how many times have you seen a toddler hop off a moving Trunki? Nightmare!

So, what is the Bagrider? Most of us have a carry-on suitcase and that is essentially what this is however with just a simple twist of a dial and attaching the comfortable cushioned seat liner, the Bagrider becomes a seat for your little one to travel through the airport safely and securely – genius!

The padded seat liner has a 5-point harness so you can travel with peace of mind and it is tested up to a weight of 15kgs so you will have years of use too!

For mum or dad, the Mountain Buggy Bagrider is a great sized suitcase to carry all your essentials and the back of the padded seat liner even has a zip pocket for your phone and passport!

At £79 the Bagrider may be deemed a little pricey but don’t forget once your little one is too big; the suitcase can still be used for every trip and the excellent quality makes the Bagrider a product that will last for years to come!

Mountain Buggy Unirider

One parent, one child, one wheel is the tag line for this product and thinking about those things together, the outcome could be disastrous however the Mountain Buggy Unirider is a truly one of a kind product.

Designed by a dad from the UK, Simon Langham decided to take the ‘meltdown’ out of family adventures and instead of strapping his toddler into the buggy, he had a great idea that riding a single wheel could be a quick and easy way to transport your toddler which was also fun for them too!

In partnership with Mountain Buggy, Simon was able to create the Unirider, a unique experience that helps your little one to develop balance, aswell as making every trip into a little adventure!

At £79 the Unirider will make the perfect Christmas present for your little one and could add a little extra magic to a frosty winter walk!