Finding the perfect car seat feels like one of the most responsible decisions you have to make as a new parent.

A car seat not only acts as a potential safety net for your child but also a place of comfort where your baby can rest, sleep and enjoy long or short car journeys.

Protection is of course the biggest selling factor of any car seat which is why it’s essential for each one to meet stringent safety standards; thankfully all modern car seats these days tick the box for ‘Substance’ but then there’s some that tick the ‘Style’ box too.

Which brings me to the Britax Romer DUALFIX i-SIZE car seat which we’ve been using for three months.

It was surprisingly really easy to take out of the box and slot onto the ISOFIX points in the car; I thought I’d have to get my husband to do it to be honest but I managed to do it just fine – woman power all the way.

Another little tip I wanted to mention before I continue is how great YouTube tutorials are for things like this and making sure you fit the car seat correctly. It takes a fraction of the time to watch a short video than it does reading the whole instruction manual and it’s an easy way to learn all the nifty functions it has – perfect for if you’re a busy parent like me.

One of the best features for me as a parent is that it rotates 360 degrees. This is particularly amazing as your child grows as it reduces the strain it puts on your back getting them in and out of the car. It also makes it easier for strapping them in too as you can have a few face-to-face moments before whizzing them 90 degrees!


This is where the phrase ‘Dualfix’ comes in as it means you can simply rotate the seat the opposite direction for when they are ready to sit forward-facing… making it the perfect car seat from birth to four years old.

Another good feature for me is that it has a really comfortable recline position and support for the head and neck which is essential for sound sleep and rest particularly when travelling longer distances.

I know it’s not the most important factor to consider but I really love the design of this car seat too – it looks great and Remy has been so happy in it from the first day he sat in it. There are so many lovely colour options you can choose from too ranging from neutral to vibrant.

You can read all the specifics on this car seat here but if it’s anything to go by from one parent to another, I can hand-on-heart recommend it. It feels really sturdy once fixed with all the safety points, comfy and most of all a safe place where my baby boy Remy can sit, relax and be happy in.