As parents we endeavour to keep our little ones as safe as possible, especially when travelling in the car and in 2017, not only did we see the law change around high back boosters, but we also saw parents embrace this change in an effort to keep our toddlers as safe as possible.

Changing the law around high back boosters was an amazing step towards safer travel for children and March 2018 has seen the launch of the first iSize high back booster, the only model available in the market to meet the latest safety legislation as well as some fabulous new features!

The BeSafe iZi Flex Fix iSize was launched around 4 weeks ago however we actually first saw this seat over a year ago at K&J Nursery Fair. We have eagerly awaited the launch ever since we were introduced to some of its game changing features and we know our customers have also been waiting for an iSize booster too so we can’t wait to see what you think!

As an iSize seat, the iZi Flex Fix iSize is fitted into the car using isofix connectors, making installation very simple and the indicators on the isofix points will offer you peace of mind that the seat is securely fitted every time.

When connected to your isofix points, the iZi Flex Fix iSize is also complete, not only with red guides for the seatbelt but also a foldable lap belt guide to ensure optimal positioning and increased comfort for your little one.

Once your little one is fastened into the seat, you can rest assured that they are super safe thanks to the three layers of side impact protection including BeSafe’s innovative SIP+ system. The SIP+ is attached to the side of the seat that is closest to the door and ensures that if you ever were to be in a side impact collision, the load on your child is significantly reduced.

As your toddler grows, the backrest of the iZi Flex Fix iSize adjusts both in height and width as well as having multiple recline positions to keep your little one comfortable. The headrest is ‘V’ shaped for extra support and the PAD+ will add extra comfort to the vehicle seatbelt, which sits across their chest.

Not only does the BeSafe iZi Flex Fix iSize grow with your little one but it will also grow with your family too. You will easily be able to fit three of this car seat into the back seat of your car by simply detaching the SIP+ bumpers  which offers more space but is just as safe!!

Since its launch in March, we know lots of parents have already bought this car seat and absolutely love it so we can’t wait to see what you think too!

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