After having a baby sometimes the furthest thing from your mind is fitness…well at least for me it is anyway. I like to enjoy the newborn stage for as long as humanly possible instead of worry about body shape or anything else in that department.

Anyhow while I pen this, my second child is 3 months old and as a follow on to my blog post about doing something for me. I want to tell you a bit about my new journey in well being and subsequently the chariot that’s helping me enjoy it!!

Historically (waaayy back) I was a complete sporty spice, I’ve played many sports and was always quite active pre children. So to kick start me doing something for me and equally keeping healthy, I’ve started to run….rephrase..power walk, for now! Eek!

I obviously did none of this after my first child was born because when I first ventured out- I took the conventional buggy I owned along for the ride. I won’t go into all the details (puke city) but as you imagine it was a bumpy ride for the little one and it didn’t last too long!

A friend who runs told me about the Out N About Nipper Sport stroller. I saw a few at our local Parkruns but I hesitated for a while as I thought….another pram. Could it be that good? Well, I’m here to tell you…Yes, Yes it is.

Here are some things I looked for when taking it out on a test run…

Weight and Movement: This stroller is as light a feather, I think the whole pram is 9.8kg. And with a fixed wheel at the front and rear suspension, it feels really stable over any terrain. The 16 inch wheels make it easy to manoeuvre, so transitioning from grass to gravel or uphill to downhill is smooth.

Safety & Compatibility: The Nipper Sport has a five point safety harness with adjustable straps, which is useful for either my toddler or baby. Once buckled up they are secure and ready for the journey and I felt totally confident going over rough or bumpy surfaces. Also as an added bonus, it has a handbrake on the handle to help with steep hills. Perfect for hill walking.

It’s compatible with some car seats although you can use the nipper seat unit for a newborn as the seat fully reclines.

Storing the Nipper & Storage on the Nipper: Children come with ALLOT of paraphernalia so it delights me when something folds up. The Nipper did not disappoint in this region.. the wheels are fully removable and fit perfectly in my tiny boot…even with space left over. On another note, the storage on the actual nipper is the perfect amount for what you need. It has ample space in the rear pocket for a nappy bag, some water and a snack. While the hood has hidden zip pockets for the like of mobile phones & keys.

Durability & usability: The sports Nipper feels really sturdy and quite a solid pram. It’s very usable with both my toddler and Baby…obviously on separate occasions. With the toddler, the seat is big enough and he says it’s very ‘comfy.’ When the baby is in there she seems snug and safe and I can fully recline the seat for extra comfort during naptime. My husband has made good use of the adjustable handlebar. So it’s Super for those with a bit of extra height. It won’t leave you with an aching back from stooping over.

Overall:  I’d say if you are in the market for an all terrain walking/running stroller. This is your wagon!! I’ve tested it on muddy, rocky and even Sandy terrain and those 16′ wheels do superbly every single time! It’s a really simple, no fuss design which serves its purpose well.

Really pleased with it! Thanks for reading folks! Feel free to follow us over on Instagram!

Rita @lifeatbelgrove