Loved by families for generations, and on sale in over 51 different countries, the Bugaboo Cameleon is one of the most recognisable pushchairs in the world and with over a million units sold, Bugaboo are clearly doing something right with this global favourite.

Part of the success of the Cameleon is down to Bugaboo’s continuous innovation of their iconic stroller and after listening to consumer feedback, the latest version; Cameleon3 Plus is better than ever before so today we want to look at the changes that have been made.

The first noticeable change that has been made is to the seat frame itself which used to be covered in foam around the lower half. As this frame is used for both the carrycot and seat unit; over time the foam sometimes became damaged and now this has been removed, the overall look is much sleeker.

The basket has also been updated on the new Cameleon making it much more accessible especially with the carrycot in place. The old basket had a drawstring style top meaning it could sometimes be difficult to get things in and out but now the basket is really open, much more like the other models.

The Cameleon3 Plus now shares the same canopy as the Bugaboo Fox which means there are lots of new colours available on the new style fabric. Not only does this fabric look great but it is created from recycled plastic bottles which would have otherwise gone to waste and we love that this new process is being used for all Bugaboo pushchairs!

As you will have noticed over the last year or so Bugaboo have added a customisable element to their strollers allowing you to change the colour of things such as wheel caps, handle bar covers and fabrics. Although the Cameleon3 Plus isn’t as customisable as the Fox, Donkey or Bee, there are many more colour options to choose from so your pushchair can suit your style!

You can check out the new Bugaboo Cameleon3 Plus here and if you have any questions about the rest of the Bugaboo family, don’t hesitate the get in touch!