With summer fast approaching, hopefully you and your family will be off to enjoy some summer sun but travelling with your little ones can be overwhelming and we’re all about the products that make this a little easier. A brand that are very good at practical baby products are Mountain Buggy and their tag line ‘live life without limit’ means their products allow you to do exactly this, and who doesn’t want that?!

Today we want to take a look at the fabulous Mountain Buggy Nano stroller, an ultra-lightweight compact that allows you to transport two little ones with ease and whether you’re off on holiday or just navigating busy streets, the Nano Duo could be the perfect stroller for you!

From birth, the Mountain Buggy cocoon creates a safe and snug environment for your newborn where they can lay flat from day 1 to around 6 months old. The cocoon is super lightweight making it perfect for parents on the go and it can even be used for overnight sleeping if you’re spending the night away from home!

From 6 months old your babies can move in to the forward-facing seat unit which can is perfect for exploring the world and the multiple recline positions are great for afternoon napping! The seats 5-point harness will keep your little ones safe and through summer and winter months, the canopy will keep them protected from the elements.

As your children get bigger the rear wheel suspension will offer a smooth ride and the front swivel wheels are perfect for manoeuvring small spaces. When strolling on rough terrain, these can also be locked for ultimate flexibility and the easy to use pedal brake is located on the back of the stroller for easy access.

No matter whether you’re travelling by car, train or airplane, the Nano Duo folds like a dream and its compact size makes any journey super easy. Once collapsed the stroller has a carry handle and stroller strap so you can pop it over your shoulder and unfolding takes just a few seconds so you’re ready for your next adventure!

Available in 5 different colours you’re sure to find one that suits your style and with all of these fabulous features you’ll be ‘living life with limits’ in no time at all!

Shop Nano Duo here and be let us know what you think!