Travelling can be stressful especially when you throw kids into the mix. Navigating airports, transfers, picking the right resort and keeping kids occupied is no easy feat. However, I had no hesitations about heading to Disney World with two kids under three. Having been many times before having children and this being Ada’s fourth trip at the grand old age of 2, I felt pretty confident that we would be ok. Lots to do and see, great family resorts and lots of sunshine. But there were some things to consider.

If you have ever been to Disney World, you will know how many miles a day you will walk so a good pram was essential. We debated for a while whether to go for two single strollers or a double. We settled on a double as we felt it would be more practical. But then the search began. I researched a lot online but really didn’t feel like I could get a grasp on the best choice for us from just reading up. That’s where Pramworld showrooms are amazing! They have such a great choice in store to try out and push round. The staff are amazingly knowledgeable and will talk you through all the features of the prams on show.

I quite quickly decided the Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double was the one for us. It was sturdy and comfortable for the children with a full recline feature on both seats – perfect for midday naps on the go. The handlebar adjusted which suited my husband and me as there is quite a difference in height. The hoods offer UV 50+ protection, multiple positions and little windows so you can keep an eye on your little ones. It offered a very large basket compared to a lot of other doubles which we really felt was a bonus when carrying rucksacks and merchandise…lots of merchandise! And lastly, it folded quickly, easily and pretty compactly – an essential for hopping on and off Disney transport and stowing on an aircraft.

But if you read my previous post, you will know that I am a stroller accessory convert and believe that the accessories on offer can completely change how we use our prams.

The first accessory we went for was the front bumper bar. On previous trips with single buggies, my daughter used these a lot to rest on and hold on to. Being a child that is not one for being fastened in, a bumper bar gave us that added sense of safety for her. It is height adjustable too which will come in handy as they grow. It is padded and fabric covered meaning it can be removed and washed – perfect when you have Mickey Ice Cream Bar fingerprints all over it.

We loved our handlebar bag for our Bugaboo and find it beyond convenient to have all our essentials at our fingertips. The City Jogger’s Parent Console attached to the handlebars with two velcro straps. This made it quick and easy to remove. It has two sections that could be used as a cup holder – one is insulated whilst the other is adaptable in use (quite often ours held dummy’s, fans or a phone). The centre section has a magnetic flap to cover it over. This became invaluable, meaning kiddie’s demands were easily fulfilled.

A cup holder was something again we felt necessary so that water was to hand at all times, ensuring we kept hydrated in the Florida heat. However, with the Parent Console there wasn’t much need for yet another cup holder on the handlebars so we attached ours to our bumper bar. This meant that our eldest could access her drink as and when she wanted it. It was very secure and came with a screw driver to fit the bracket. Once the bracket was fitted, the cupholder could just be twisted off when collapsing the pram.

Now, Florida is the sunshine state but it doesn’t come without some great storms. We had a few rain showers and two almighty downpours. Knowing that the Florida forecast could be wet, a rain hood was essential. It lay easily in the bottom of the basket and came with a resealable bag which was great for storing when it was wet.

Finally, our absolute favourite and definitely top pick was the travel bag. On previous trips we always checked prior to travelling whether the airline provided a gate bag for the pram. Prior to having children, whilst reporting damaged luggage in the arrivals lounge, I witnessed an extremely damaged Bugaboo being reported by a very new dad! What an awful start or end to their trip and something that stuck in the back of my mind when choosing prams to take aboard. We knew the airline wouldn’t have a bag for a double and with the pram being such an essential for our holiday, we needed to make sure it travelled well. At the point of travelling, unfortunately Baby Jogger had discontinued their travel bag, but once again the team at Pramworld stepped up and found two alternatives at the very last hour…they even collapsed the pram in store and double checked that it would fit to give us that peace of mind. We chose the Out’n’About Nipper travel bag and it fitted out City Jogger GT perfectly. It had a handle to make carrying easier, it was padded and unzipped all the way round so getting the pram into the bag a lot easier than other versions. If you are travelling with your pram and checking it into the hold (I know there are some super wonderful new models that are cabin sized when folded!!), I would recommend contacting or visiting Pramworld to get yourself a travel bag.

Overall, our accessories once again MADE our double stroller experience. It was comfortable for both us and the children and the accessories made everything so much easier. My biggest advice would be to assess what you will need from your pram and explore the accessory options on offer.