As a family of four who don’t drive with two young children (Archie 3 & Betsy 6 months), we’ve always relied heavily on prams and pushchairs as our main form of transportation, so to find one that suits all of our needs has been challenging to say the least.

Let me start off by giving you a little background. Archie although being a busy, walking, talking toddler still very much relies on some form of pram or pushchair when we venture out. Mainly because we find he gets tired quite easily (to be fair we live in such a hilly area so I can see why) – Having said this, when Betsy was born we still opted for a single pram which I knew we’d struggle with.. and boy was I right!

We found it so hard to get around with just a single pram and knew we could never go anywhere too far in fear of having a grumpy toddler sit on the floor and refuse to move out of pure tiredness! So this is where the Quinny Hubb comes in.

*We were very kindly gifted the Quinny Hubb in return for a review – everything included here is my own honest opinion*

Now that I’ve cleared that up I’ll take you through what we think after testing it out and about for the last month or so.

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There are so many seating variations!

Probably one of my most favourite features is how many variations and configurations are available. In fact, in total there is 6 different configurations when using it in its duo mode and 5 when using it as a single stroller.

Quinny Hubb Duo configurations

  • Carrycot + seat
  • Cocoon seat + normal seat
  • Maxi Cosi car seat + normal seat
  • Parent facing seat + forward facing seat
  • Duo seat where they are both facing forward
  • Forward facing seat + hop-on board

Quinny Hubb Single configurations

  • Single seat parent facing
  • Single seat forward facing
  • Car seat
  • Carrycot
  • From birth cocoon

I love that there’s a configuration to suit every age!

We opted for the duo option in which you can have two seats. In our case we get one for a toddler and one for a baby, but you could easily use them both for any age range you need! What I like about this option as opposed to most other brands is that you get the option of having both seats facing away from each other meaning you don’t get one child with a view of the seat in front. Which leads me to my next point, Even with both seats facing forward you can adjust so that the seat at the back is slightly higher meaning the child inside can see over the top of the seat in front. Perfect for two toddlers I think!

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We also opted for the hop on board which is probably the configuration we’ve been using the most. This setting is LIFE CHANGING and has been a complete game changer for trips out! I love that unlike a buggy board the hop on board is a bench seat which is both comfortable and, in my opinion, so much easier to use for tired toddlers. My Archie absolutely loves having his own ‘big boy seat’ and we get so many lovely comments whenever we take it out in this configuration too!

I think this option is also perfect for parents of children who are always on the move. With Archie we find he loves this option so much more because he has the option to jump on and off as and when he pleases!

 Quinny Hubb Review Image 4

So much room for shopping!

Another feature I find so helpful is the amount you can fit in the hefty basket at the bottom, with even the option of adding to it with the XXL shopping basket (sold separately)

As I said previously, we don’t drive so this basket is so perfect for our needs. The fact that we can fit a whole supermarket shop in the basket with room to spare is just crazy! I also love that it’s so easily accessible regardless of the seating configuration *unless you are using the carrycot in the duo configuration* it means Archie can easily access snacks or toys he’s brought along with him even from the comfort of his ‘big boy seat’

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*when using the carrycot in duo configuration there is also a smaller basket available separately that you can attach to the side of the chassis which allows you to still have storage

Extendable sun canopy

It’s the small details that make all the difference, the Quinny Hubb canopy, whilst already being big also has a zip which allows you to extend them forward, this is a feature I use relentlessly! Especially with Betsy still being quite small. I find this perfect for sunny days especially when she’s napping as not only does it protect her from the sun (UV 50+) it also makes it dark enough for her to feel cosy and safe whilst napping!

It is also repels water so perfect if like me you forget the rain cover a lot of the time! (can we blame mum brain?)

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All the pretty colours

Whether you’re a plain Jane or want something a bit more bold Quinny have got you. With 6 different colourways to choose from and the option to buy canopies separately (meaning you can change the colour for every season if you so desire), there’s something there for everybody!

  • Navy On Grey
  • Cork On Grey
  • Ochre On Graphite
  • Pink On Graphite
  • Red On Graphite
  • Black On Black

We opted for the Cork on grey which I LOVE! such a perfect colourway if you want something a bit out there but not too bold!

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Overall we’ve found the Quinny Hubb to be one of the most amazing prams both for ease of use and functionality, it’s completely changed our lives which may seem like such a bold statement but it really has made day trips and even just going to the shops so much easier and a lot more fun!

I’d recommend it 100 times over, even as a single use pram it’s brilliant (especially if you’re a mum of one with plans to have another in the near future)

The versatility is just brilliant… And probably the thing that’s impressed me the most! The fact you can change the configurations to make a pram that works for you and your children, I think is just genius! And that with the added extra of it still being a pretty lightweight unit – even with two children and a whole load of shopping inside is just mind blowing!

It definitely makes me wonder how I ever left the house before 😅

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