Prams in our home are usually all my choice and I will be honest; I’m never usually attracted to all terrain pushchairs but when we received the phil&teds Dash even daddy was excited! He saw me take it out of the box and in his words “that is a beast of a pushchair! Definitely my favourite that we’ve had” in fairness we have gone through many pushchairs so that is definitely a compliment!


If you are an outdoor, exploring or urban living family then the phil&teds Dash pushchair is the one for you and when we headed to Boomtown festival this August, my god did we put this poor pushchair through the mill!!! It coped amazingly.


It is very slimline and with only 3 wheels it is super easy to manoeuvre, whether that is in bumpy country parks (which the all-wheel suspension is perfect for) or busy festival crowds, the phil&teds Dash will have you covered! There is also something so sleek and lovely about this pushchair and I particularly like the variety of seat liners you can get. I obviously went for “rust” because if you know me, rust and all autumnal colours are my thing but there are 8 colours available in total!


One thing I really loved about the Dash is that you don’t need to worry about needing this pushchair for more than one child as it is super adaptable which meant we could pop Archie in when his legs were in his words, “dying”. The Dash transforms from a single to a double in the matter of seconds and we absolutely love this feature.


The 5-point harness on the Dash is so easily clipped together that it makes wrestling an overtired babe into the pushchair in less than 0.2 seconds…I’ve got it down to a skill! You can also choose weather to want to use all straps or just the waist/shoulder straps, whatever your preference.


The phil&teds Dash has full wheel suspension and puncture proof wheels and the frame is made from a super light aluminium which is perfect especially when trying to climb up a mudslide hill! Not such an enjoyable experience. The breaking system is simple with one click down to break and simply one click up to release, we have tested the breaks on the same slippery mud hill and can confirm it performed perfectly!


The hood is absolutely giant when extended and offers up to 50+spf sun protection for your baby which is perfect for summer days.

The Dash is suitable for newborn to toddler and there are so many combinations available for your ever-growing family! Shop the whole phil&teds range here.