When you have two girls in need of new car seats and the legislation has changed more times than you’ve changed nappies what do you do? Find a reputable and well stocked car seat supplier that can answer all your questions (and prayers). We are so excited to of worked with Pramworld kitting out the girls in time for all of our journeys and trips before the summer holidays hit.

For Liberty we chose the Maxi Cosi Axissfix and Marlowe the Maxi Cosi Kore Pro.

To begin with Maxi Cosi are my favourite seat brand. We’ve had them for the children as newborns but after that I’ve always found the car seat world to be total minefield. So we were very lucky to have the experts at pram World ready to help. We knew darker chairs were a must to cover up spills, sicks and snacks. Or the three car S’s. We hadn’t ever used Isofix bases before worrying they would be a huge pain to fit or too bulky when we need car space. We’ll that shouldn’t ever be an issue.

Fitting both was like a dream. The Isofix bases literally click into place and strap over the backs of the seats (see photos) and the car seats click on top. I love the colour change buttons that go from red to green when they are pulled securely for that extra peace of mind.

For Liberty we decided on a rotating forward facing, I know a lot of people don’t like forward facing where it can be avoided, but as one of six, when the others are facing forward, I think this was part of the reason she was trying to get out of her car seat before. So she could see the others and what she felt she was missing. The Axissfix plus can forward or rear face with 360 degree rotation and turned 90 degrees to face the door for easier strapping in.

We’re lucky enough to have a big wide car but trying to get in with her to strap in a toddler that wants to fight you is almost impossible. This Maxi Cosi on its Isofix spins right round the face out the door to make it really easy to get her in. Safely fastened and then spun round and locked into position.

This seat also has a lovely plush newborn insert and as the seat will rearward face up to 2 years old, the Axissfix makes a great first car seat too.

This seat also has a lovely plush newborn insert and as the seat will rearward face up to 2 years old, the Axissfix makes a great first car seat too.

This Maxi Cosi Axissfix is more than robust and safe enough to calm and worries anyone could have.  It features a 5 point harness.

Marlowe’s Maxi Cosi is fitted the same way and has an adjustable padded headrest that will grow as she does.

But there’s a secret bit of magic I love just about this chair. If you’ve been to an underground or undercover car park, kids trying to fasten their belts in the dark has been a cause of many tears in our house, we’ll this nifty chair has lights on each side exactly where the seat belt goes. It is literally, GENIUS.

Marlowe’s in love with her new car seat and that she can sleep and not wake up with a sore neck, she’s old enough to tell us what’s comfy and what isn’t and she’s so happy with her new “big girl chair”.

So far we have used the car seats on a daily basis on short journeys, to the supermarket etc, and on much longer trips, such as our recent trip to London.

It was on longer journeys, especially that liberty would try to escape out of hers and 9 times out of 10, would be successful.

Since having her new Maxi Cosi she hasn’t, she’s suitably strapped in and must be more comfortable.

The rubbery backing the rear of the car seat straps acts almost as “anti slip” so she can’t wriggle her arms and clothes out. It also seems to hold her whole body up better she when she has a nap it’s not just up to her shoulders staying up its all of her.

In her previous car seat, her head would lull forward on to her chest and this made me really worried.

Both come in a selection of colours and bases that suit different car interiors or lifestyles.