As a mum of 3 I have tried and tested a lot of pushchairs. For me I have a few key things that are important when choosing one: easy to fold, smooth to push and a great design. The Micralite FastFold has definitely ticked all my boxes and many more.

Micralite FastFold Stroller

The first thing that attracted me to this pushchair was how it looked. I loved the design especially the hammock style seat; this is the first of its kind in the pushchair world! I found the best thing about the pushchair is the amount of leg room for Roux to be able to rest his little legs up. He looks really comfortable in it, having extra width on the seating area definitely helped for him to have a relaxing ride. I had a few people say I’m not sure as it doesn’t have a foot rest however, I found that because of the hammock style seat it didn’t need one and Roux didn’t seem bothered at all.

Micralite FastFold Walk

The pushchair glides like no other I have had before, it really is the smoothest pushchair. It has large filled back tyres which means it’s super easy to cross roads and tackle big curbs and bumps. I’m having to fight with people to push it as they all want a go trying out the new wheels. My mum looks after Roux a couple of days a week and she needed something that was easy to steer and easy to get up and down. She honestly loves it as much as I do and even said that she has found it best for her to use.

Micralite FastFold Details

Another amazing feature? One hand steering! OK, this is what I found amazing about it… I can steer it with one hand! This is so important when I have two more children to cross a road with. I can now multitask whist pushing the FastFold pushchair. I also have to take lots of phone calls for work and being able to still take Roux out and take calls on our way to places really can help me juggle work and mum life together. I also love that the handle bar has 5 different positions so is suitable for literally anyone to push. The siblings can even get involved in pushing as one setting goes right down so easy access for the little ones.

Micralite FastFold handle

FastFold – right lets talk about folding this pushchair up. I’m such a busy mum and I seem to always be in a rush to get somewhere or be somewhere. What I found with this pushchair is that it was so quick to fold up. There is only two actions you need to do! I can honestly say it wasn’t hard to do at all and has the quickest function I have tried. So that’s 5 minutes I can save in my day by not struggling to fold it!

Micralite FastFold Image 5

The FastFold comes with premium waterproof fabric which helps with rainy days and the sunny ones are sorted too as the hood helps protect with the sunshine rays! I love how there is a little window in the hood so we can play peekaboo together and I can check on him without having to stop.

Micralite FastFold raincover

Roundup! So if you are looking for a pushchair that glides so smoothly, is so easy to push and folds within seconds this is the one for you. There are so many different colours to pick from and I adore our festive print that we have. I can honestly say that this has been the best pushchair we have had and now makes long walks more enjoyable and fun for the whole family. We are now off to the beach for a beautiful stroll and some fresh air.

Micralite FastFold lifestyle

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