Launched around 7 years ago, the Babyzen YOYO was one of a kind; a pushchair offering all of the features we love with a fold so compact that it could fit into the overhead locker on a plane!

Since then, the Babyzen YOYO has been loved by parents worldwide and although lots of other brands now have compact strollers in their portfolio, little has rivalled the Babyzen YOYO in the luxury compact market, until now…
Since their very first stroller appeared on the streets of Holland in 1999, Bugaboo have been launching game changing products and when we first saw the brand new Bugaboo Ant earlier this year, we knew that it would become a contender for the number 1 luxury travel stroller.

Deciding between these two amazing strollers may seem like an impossible task but today were here to look at those all important differences to hopefully make your decision a little easier!

The Price

Babyzen YOYO: From £389
Bugaboo Ant: From £429

With just £40 difference between the YOYO and Ant, the pushchairs are quite similar in price however both do have a more expensive option also; the Bugaboo Ant is available on a Black Frame at £499 and the special edition Air France YOYO retails at £409.

Both pushchairs have a newborn option, the YOYO 0+ Newborn Pack can be purchased for £190 and the Bugaboo Cocoon is £99.95

Bugaboo Ant vs Babyzen Yoyo Images

Weight and Folded Dimensions

Babyzen YOYO Weight: 6.6kg
Babyzen YOYO Folded Dimensions: 52 x 44 x 18 cm

Bugaboo Ant Weight: 7.2kg
Bugaboo Ant Folded Dimensions: 55 x 38 x 23 cm

The Babyzen YOYO is undoubtedly one of the lightest strollers on the market at just 6.6kg and even at 7.2kg, the Bugaboo Ant is super lightweight. Both strollers are extremely similar in size and can be taken on the aeroplane as hand luggage.

Bugaboo Ant vs Babyzen Yoyo Folded

Seat Unit Capacity

Babyzen YOYO Weight Limit: 18kg
Bugaboo Ant Weight Limit: 22kg

Suitable from birth to 22kg, the Bugaboo Ant has a higher capacity than most strollers and the reversible seat unit means you have the option for the stroller to parent face for as long as you like.

Seat Unit Height

Babyzen YOYO Seat Unit Height: 43cm
Bugaboo Ant Seat Unit Height: 38cm to 56cm

The Bugaboo Ant seat unit can easily be extended and at its highest setting is 56cm compared to the YOYO fixed seat unit which has a height of 43cm

Seat Unit Depth

Babyzen YOYO Seat Unit Depth: 24cm
Bugaboo Ant Seat Unit Depth: 24cm

Both the YOYO and Ant Seat Unit depth are the same however if you need a slightly longer seat unit the YOYO does have an additional leg rest that you can buy providing an extra 12cm of space if you need it!

Bugaboo Ant vs Babyzen Yoyo Image 3

Seat Unit Hood

Babyzen YOYO Hood Length: 46cm
Bugaboo Ant Hood Length: 55cm

On First look, the YOYO and Ant hoods are pretty similar in length however the Ant hood does extend out to 55cm offering more shade. Both hoods also offer UPF50+ sun protection which is great to protect from harmful rays.

The YOYO hood features a peek-a-boo window so you can check on your little one without having to stop and it also has a really handy zip pocket to store any essentials close by.

Bugaboo Ant vs Babyzen Yoyo Hoods

Handle Height

Babyzen YOYO Handle Height: 105cm
Bugaboo Ant Handle Height: 102cm

As you can see the handle height for the two strollers is very similar but where the Babyzen handle height is fixed at 105cm, the Bugaboo Ant has an adjustable handle height so can be used on a lower setting too!

The Basket

Babyzen YOYO Basket Capacity: 5kg
Bugaboo Ant Basket Capacity: 8kg

Both stroller baskets hold a considerable amount of weight and the Bugaboo Ant actually has 2 baskets, one under the seat and one at the back of the stroller making the combined basket capacity a huge 8kg.

The rear basket of the Ant is also accessible when the stroller is folded down which is great for accessing any essentials.

Bugaboo Ant vs Babyzen Yoyo Baskets

The Fold

It goes without saying that both of these strollers fold very compactly and once folded, both strollers can be transported easily. The Bugaboo Ant can be wheeled like a suitcase using the handle bar and the YOYO has a fabric strap that can be used to carry the stroller on your shoulder.

The actual fold of these two strollers is quite different and where the YOYO can be folded in just two steps, the Ant has around 6 steps to fold it as small as possible.


Bugaboo Ant Benefits

• Reversible seat unit
• Height adjustable seat unit
• Higher weight capacity on the seat unit.
• Height adjustable handlebar
• Can free stand when folded
• More Storage Space that can still be accessed when the stroller is folded
• Easier to transport as wheels like a suitcase

Babyzen YOYO Benefits

• Folds quicker and more easily
• Lighter in weight
• Viewing window and storage pocket in the hood
• Starting price of £389 compared to £429
• Higher handle height

It is safe to say that the Bugaboo Ant and Babyzen YOYO are two of the most luxurious strollers on the market and if you’re thinking about buying either of these pushchairs, we can confidently say you wont be disappointed with either!

You can shop both strollers online or in store and be sure to let us know which one you choose!