Sleep for every parent is an absolute essential and when I was pregnant with Indie it was one mission I wanted to get done so that I could get her in a good routine with lots of sleep aids/comforts.

I always heard great things about the Sleepyhead, I’m not going to lie, I was sceptical but when our first born didn’t sleep very well and I was so terrified of going through sleep deprivation all over again I thought to myself, let’s just buy it!

We went for the Sleepyhead Deluxe in the Night fall print. It was beautiful, to look at and for Indie to sleep in! It was absolute bliss!

Sleepyhead Image 1

At around 7/8 months Indie was starting to outgrow her Deluxe pod and I was freaking out, I was not prepared to go backwards and lose our sleep again so you can guess what we did…we upgraded!
We went for the Sleepyhead Grand in the La vie en rose cover. It is huge, luxurious and so so BEAUTIFUL.

Sleepyhead Image 2

For me, safe sleeping is something I will never detriment. Both my children have only ever slept with a cellular blanket or a sleeping bag, never a teddy or fluffy comforter in sight, it’s just not worth that risk.
With the sleepyhead I felt at ease, it is lightweight, comfortable, nontoxic and I personally love that it stops Indie from getting arms and legs stuck in the cot bars. She sleeps wonderfully in there.

Sleepyhead Image 3

There have been a few nights when we have had to wash our sleepyhead and personally, we noticed a huge difference, she was much more unsettled and did manage to get her leg stuck at one point too.

Sleepyhead Image 4

Washing the sleepyhead is super easy. We simply take all the parts out of the pod and pop them in a 60 degree wash. I don’t own a tumble dryer so cannot recommend how it would perform if dried that way, we hang ours on the line and it dries pretty quickly and smells super fresh afterwards too!

You can shop the entire Sleepyhead range here.