Back when the Britax Dualfix launched over 5 years ago, it was created to add to their range of extended rearward facing car seats whilst giving families the ultimate flexibility to forward face their seat should they need to, without having to completely reinstall every time.

Fast forward to 2019 we now have a family of Dualfix car seats offering more flexibility than ever before and today we want to look at each model to help you decide which is the right Dualfix for you!

Dualfix Family

The three seats in the Dualfix family are very similar so let’s start with the fabulous features that you can see in all of the Dualfix models then we will move on to the differences.

✔ Isofix Installation
✔ 360 Degree Rotation
✔ Rearward Facing until 4 years old
✔ Option to forward face
✔ Removeable Fabrics
✔ Multiple Recline Positions
✔ Britax Pivot Link Isofix System – In the event of an impact the Britax Pivot Link System will direct the force downwards into the vehicle seat and then forwards more gently which reduces the overall risk to your child’s head and neck.
✔ Adjustable Head Rest
✔ 5 Point Harness

Dualfix Family Baby

As you can see, the Dualfix Family has lots of great features so what are the differences that set these seats apart from each other?

Age Range:

Dualfix iSize: Birth – 4 Years | 0 to 18kg
Dualfix2 R: Birth – 4 Years | 0 to 18kg
Dualfix M: 3 months – 4 Years | Between 61 – 105cm to 18kg

As you can see above 2 out of 3 Dualfix car seats are suitable from birth and come including an extra insert to make sure your baby is snug and protected right from day 1. As lots of customers choose to use a infant carrier from birth to around 12 months, you may not need this feature so the Dualfix M is suitable from 3 months.
All 3 models are suitable to use to 4 years old or 18kg and you have the option to rearward face for the whole 4 years or from 9kg onwards, the Dualfix car forward face too.

Dualfix Suitability

Superior Side Impact Protection

Dualfix iSize: Yes
Dualfix2 R: No
Dualfix M: Yes

Although all three Dualfix models feature deep, protective side wings, the Dualfix iSize and Dualfix M also have integrated SICT offering superior Side Impact. Upon a side impact collision, SICT works to absorb energy aswell as keeping your child away from the impact.

Dualfix Family - Toddler

V Shaped Head Rest

Dualfix iSize: Yes
Dualfix2 R: No
Dualfix M: Yes

As well as integrated SICT, the Dualfix iSize and Dualfix M also have a V shaped head rest that has been designed to control the movement of your child’s head in the event of a side impact collision. Upon impact, the V shaped head rest works to keep them as protected as possible and will also keep them super comfortable on every journey!

Dualfix Crash Test


As you can see from the below chart, we do have a clear winner when it comes to awards and although we may expect this as the Dualfix iSize is the longest standing model in the family, this just goes to show how amazing this car seat truly is!

Dualfix Family Awards

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