The Maclaren Atom. We were very kindly gifted the special  ‘Object of design’ edition by Jason Woodside Maclaren Atom stroller  to review by the amazing guys at Pramworld and here’s what I thought.

When I opened the front door to the delivery driver I just could not believe the size of the box! How on earth was there a whole pushchair in there!?! On opening the box and pulling out the pushchair, in its very own travel bag, I realised how easy this was going to be. It was all already assembled all I had to do was pop 2 wheels on and pop it up! I mean that’s my kinda thing. Easy, simply and most importantly… QUICK! With little helping hands wanting to jump in and give it a whirl, this was perfect!

The first thing you think about this pushchair is WOW! The colours and the pattern are just insanely cool! It’s definitely a ‘look at me’ pushchair and it’s right up our street! After a whizz around the living room it’s was ‘so far so good’ and we couldn’t wait to take it for a spin. Our first outing with the stroller was with our dog too. Putting it in the boot with the pooch was easy thanks to the travel bag, meaning no dog hair (or drool) were going anywhere near the actual pushchair and that to me was a godsend. Once at our destination it was whipped out the bad, popped up 1 handed which is amazing and Vinnie jumped in. He really loves this pushchair, we are going through a wanting to walk stage but with this he just wants to get in constantly. So he hops in and on go the straps which are a 5 point harness. When he does walk though he loves to hold on to the strap on the side and thinks he’s really grown up and helps him walk beautifully.

The whole feel of the pushchair is lovely. It’s so lightweight being only 5.4kg (when empty) and it honestly just glides. One handed pushing is soooo easy which makes walking the dog, holding another child’s hand, anything really so so much easier. The handle bar is the perfect height being not too high and not too low and seemed to work with everyone in the family being able to push with ease being 8,12 or 30! This is fab because Vinnie has sisters that always ask to push. Having lockable front wheels is always a great option too. I love to have them swivel but my husband always likes them locked so with just the push of a button on each wheel we can swap and change super easily! My other favourite part… the shopping basket! I really thought it would be tiny but it’s a perfect size to chuck anything and everything underneath!

The highlight for me though has got to be the size it is folded. We are off to Thailand soon and the thought of loosing the pushchair or it being damaged  at the airport gives me nightmares! Now I can relax knowing i can take this, in its travel bag and wait for it…. it fits in the overhead compartment on the plane!!!! Yes that’s right, no more leaving it at the bottom of the plane stairs for them to just chuck on or waiting nervously for it to appear on the conveyor belt! It can stay with you the whole time.

Over all this is a fabulous pushchair/stroller. I don’t think I could fault anything. It ticks all the boxes for us and I would highly recommend. It has everything I need in a pushchair:

  • compact
  • lays flat for sleeping
  • extendable hood
  • Lockable swivel wheels
  • Travel bag
  • Footrest
  • Raincover
  • Great size shopping basket


We were also lucky enough to get some great accessories too:

This travel pouch which is just the most handy invention ever!!!

And this super cool bag

So if your on the look out for a new stroller please go check these out! You won’t be disappointed!


Lotsa love The Brighton’s xx