Crafting with the kids is a great way to spend quality time together during the holidays. It keeps them busy and it also serves a practical purpose – what a win-win situation! You can use these craft activities to make last-minute gifts, to decorate your house, and to tick off your Christmas card list. From festive garlands and DIY hamster toys to hanging decorations, masks and cards, here are five fun Christmas craft ideas.

These craft ideas are perfect for Christmas, but they’re also good for any time of the year. We’ll mention how you can tweak them for Easter, summer, Halloween – you name it!

1. Garlands

If you want to refresh your Christmas decorations you can create really easy and colourful garlands with the kids, by placing pom poms on string. This can be a fun alternative to tinsel, or you can hang them up on the wall. All you need is some wool and a DIY pom pom maker – a piece of cardboard cut into a doughnut shape – to wrap the yarn around.

Christmas Garlands

You can make these pom pom garlands for various times of year: with ghosts, pumpkins, and spiders for Halloween; or bunnies and chicks for Easter.

2. Gifts

If you didn’t manage to prepare gifts for everyone, these craft ideas can inspire you to create last-minute presents at home yourself with kids, for all the family members – even your furry friends! Even better, you can embrace the recycling spirit and use old packaging you have lying around the house. You can re-use these ideas for birthday gifts too.

Christmas Gifts


For your small rodent pets, you can use old tissue boxes, the cardboard from kitchen towels, and loo roll tubes to create DIY hamster toys. From a maze to a new house, there are so many options. For the human members of the family, dig out old boxes, especially small ones, to create mini works of art. There are so many ways to craft with match boxes!

3. Hanging decorations

A simple piece of felt can be transformed into the most wonderful decorations, whether that’s a reindeer at Christmas, a witch at Halloween, or a chick at Easter. The great thing about felt is that it doesn’t fray, so you don’t need to contend with fiddly sewing of hems.

Christmas Decorations

Simply draw the outline on the felt, cut it out, and embellish it by sticking on ribbons, googly eyes – the only limits are your imaginations! You can get felt in all different colours, perfect for snowmen, Santas and robins to hang on the Christmas tree. At Easter and Halloween simply change the theme.

4. Masks

Paper plates are so versatile for crafting with the kids. At this festive time you can stick on some red card and white cotton wool to create Father Christmas masks. Cut out holes for eyes, and attach a piece of elastic from side to side to help it stay on.

Christmas Mask

At other times of the year you can create other characters for your masks, from superheroes and aliens to animals and princesses. Add on self-adhesive jewels, stickers and eco glitter for even more decoration.

5. Cards

Finally, it’s time for cards. There’s no need to buy new ones – simply get out the pile that you received last year, cut out the pictures on the front, and stick them onto plain pieces of card to create new unique collages. The kids will love getting messy with their glue sticks!

Christmas Cards

You can also use this card collage idea for birthdays, thank you cards, weddings, anniversaries, christenings and other special occasions.

Enjoy all of these craft ideas this Christmas, and re-jig them for Easter and Halloween too.