One thing I dreaded as a new mum was getting from A to B with what felt like everything plus the kitchen sink. I think it’s a first time mum thing, going way over-board when leaving the house and packing as if you are leaving for a week. So can you imagine how I felt when I embarked on my first ever flight with my 3 month old son, solo, to San Francisco?

I was a bundle of nerves. I packed mosquito nets, an inflatable bath, baby sound-proof headphones, night lights and even black-out blinds. I had essentially packed any and all gadgets known to man that could make our first holiday with a baby much easier. It all helped that’s for sure, but nothing came close to our BabyZen YOYO when considering effortless travel.

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In-fact when anyone asked me “How were your 15 hours travelling?” or “How did you manage?” I have a smile on my face and recommend the YOYO every single time. Here is why:

Being a mum, safety and comfort is a priority and with the ability to clip our car seat onto the travel buggy made it a must-have for me. I didn’t want to use a foreign or borrowed car seat abroad, and I also didn’t want to lug around a heavy car seat either. Problem solved- I simply clipped the car-seat onto the buggy which you can take right up to the plane door and drop it off there!

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The YOYO is one of the only strollers guaranteed to be allowed into the cabin by most airlines, it folds up small, is lightweight and you can walk straight onto the plane with it! I couldn’t believe it when airline staff immediately recognised the buggy and let me straight on, it sounded too good to be true.

My Son is now 6 months old and we have so far travelled to San-Fran, Italy, and all around the UK using the BabyZen YOYO and I couldn’t be without it. It makes travelling on the busy underground and buses simpler as there is no worry when it comes to folding it up- a quick press of a button or two, a fold and it’s down taking up rather little space on the already jam packed public transport.

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As much as I hate to admit it, I’m late for everything so a stroller that pops up with a simple (and quite fun to do) flick saves me valuable minutes too.

The YOYO is robust and sturdy making each varied journey and even bumpy paths manageable. I was always worried about how flimsy such a lightweight stroller would be- and to my surprise it isn’t at all. Even my Fiancé commented on how well engineered it is!

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A trip out for lunch or dinner is also made calmer as this buggy can recline and has a welcoming sized hood to shade my little one as he naps.

There are so many practical and wonderful features to mention and I haven’t even explored how aesthetically pleasing the YOYO is too.

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We love our Yo-Yo, we take it everywhere and it is one of the best items we own as busy parents as it makes travelling local or far, a dream.

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