Here at Pramworld we’re excited to introduce the launch of Fred Safety’s Home Bundles, which include everything you need to get started with child-proofing your home. These Home Safety Bundles help take the guesswork out of child safety, you can simply grab the ones you need and get started straight away. Fred’s commitment to improving child safety in the home is all about making it as easy as possible for parents to keep their children safe and their new Home Bundles are just one part of this.

About Fred

Fred Safety was founded by Jesper and his father in Denmark. Before Fred, the father and son team were the owners of Baby Dan and were the first to develop the original stairgate. After selling Baby Dan, they began working on a wider range of child safety products along with the help of Selina from Cheeky Rascals. Together, they formed the Global Alliance of Child Safety (GACS) with the top priority of keeping children safe and improving education around home safety. With over 60 years’ experience developing home safety products, Fred is a name you can trust and literally means peace of mind in Danish.

Fred Safety’s Home Bundles

More than 75% of fatal accidents happen in the home and many everyday accidents can be prevented using some simple measures like the Fred Home Safety Bundles These packs contain everything you need to get started and are divided up into different rooms: kitchen, dining room, nursery or playroom and living room, to help make child safety as straightforward as possible.

Each room bundle is tailored to the different safety precautions needed for each room, from drawer catches for the kitchen to corner guards for the dining room. They contain the essential products to start you off on your child-proofing journey. Each pack also includes information on additional items you might need depending on the unique design of your home, including a hob guard for the kitchen, which is a good idea for especially curious toddlers.

 High performance materials

As with all of Fred Safety’s products, the Home Bundles include products that are made with high quality and long-lasting materials. They have been designed for maximum safety and easy installation so you can complete your child-proofing job quickly and with minimum stress. It’s also possible to remove products and reinstall them later, saving you from starting from scratch when a new child comes along.

Unlike many other child safety designs, Fred’s products automatically close cupboards, drawers and gates so there’s less pressure on you to remember to do it yourself. They also always involve a 2 or 3 way toddler proof action that complies with the latest regulations for child safety products, so you can be certain that your child cannot remove them, and they can’t become a hazard themselves. These features are all designed to give you peace of mind so you know that once you’ve sorted your home safety, it is truly safe.

 Get started with home safety

 Fred Safety’s Home Bundles take the hassle out of home safety. They’re simple, straightforward and hugely effective. You don’t need to worry about what you need for where, as it’s all labelled and laid out for you. Pick up your Home Bundles in store or online and get started with child-proofing today.

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