After cracking into our lives just over 5 years ago, the best-selling egg stroller has certainly lived up to the hype and if there is anything that can make 2020 a little brighter, it’s a brand new version of this award-winning pushchair! With the launch under a month away we want to tell you all about the egg2 and its fabulous new features so lets get right in to it…

Suitable from birth to 25kg (which is around 5 years old!), the egg2 will provide a safe and comfortable place for your baby to sleep and relax right from day 1. The newborn carrycot is complete with a padded and breathable mattress offering the perfect lay flat position and the brand new ventilation panel in the hood will keep your baby cool especially throughout the summer months. The egg2 carrycot is also now complete with a carrycot release handle makes taking your carrycot off even easier than before!

egg2 carrycot detail

From around 6 months, your baby will move into the egg2 seat unit which they can comfortably ride in until 25kg and the multi recline is great for afternoon napping. Just like the carrycot, the seat unit has a ventilation window so you can easily check on your little one especially if your seat unit is world facing and the brand new harness means you can easily adjust the straps as your baby grows.

egg2 seat unit detail

Both the egg2 seat unit and carrycot have been made bigger to make sure they last as long as possible for your little one and they both now sit higher on the frame of the pushchair which is really great for interacting!

egg2 sun hood detail

The frame off the egg2 is where we have also seen some really great improvements and you will be pleased to know they will offer a smoother push for you and a more comfortable ride for your little one. The first change you will see are the wheels, the design detailing offers a different, more sleek look and the wheels are bigger for extreme comfort. The egg2 still features an adjustable handle bar for the tallest and smallest of parents and a huge basket to carry all of your essentials!

egg2 wheel

One of the most requested changes to egg2 is with the fold of the frame and you’ll be pleased to know that the handle bar no longer touches the floor when folded so you will avoid any scuff marks when the pushchair is free standing. The egg2 also now features a new clasp for unlocking, making it easier to put your pram up when you’re ready for your next adventure!

egg2 fold

egg are often known for their amazing colour options and the egg2 is no different! From the previous collection egg2 will be available in Just Black and Diamond Black aswell as 6 brand new colours; Jurassic Grey, Monument, Quartz, Feather, Paprika and Olive. All colours are available with matching accessories and a matching egg car seat so you can travel in style wherever you go!

egg2 is available to pre-order now in store or contact our sales team on for more information!