Here at Pramworld we are huge advocates of keeping your children rearward facing in the car as we want them to be as safe as possible on every journey. A brand that has always been a favourite of both ours and yours when in comes to ERF travel is Axkid and just over a year ago we were given the first glimpse of what we’re saying is possibly the safest car seat ever built and today we want to tell you all about it!

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Why should we choose an Extended Rearward Facing seat?

If you’re new to the world of extended rearward facing, firstly let’s give some background on why it’s important for children to rearward face. You may have read that it is up to FIVE times safer for children to travel this way and the reason for this is because of their way they’re built – a child’s head makes up 25% of their total body weight and this means that upon impact, their neck and head are very vulnerable – especially if they’re forward facing. In a rearward facing car seat, the force of the crash can be distributed more evenly meaning your child’s head and neck are more protected.

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What is so special about the Axkid ONE seat?

As a seat that is brand new to market, the Axkid ONE is yet to win awards or gain amazing test scores however the innovation in this seat makes it truly one of a kind as it is the only seat available with all of the following features…

Isofix Installation

Most parents will be familiar with an Isofix system from your child’s first car seat and we were so pleased to hear that the Axkid ONE is installed using Isofix too! An Isofix installation is super easy to use and especially handy if you’re moving from car to car but most importantly, tests also show that Isofix car seats are often safer as there is less room for error when installing.

Axkid ONE is currently the only Isofix ERF car seat on the market that is approved up to approx 7 years old or 125cm/23kg – all other car seats in this category are only approved up to approx 4 years or 105cm/18kg

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i-Size Certified

Introduced in 2013, iSize legislation was introduced to make car seats easier to fit, provide better side impact protection and to keep children rearward facing for longer. Just like with the Isofix installation, the Axkid ONE is the only iSize certified car seat currently on the market that allows your child to rearward face up to approx 7 years old or 125cm/23kg which we think is pretty impressive!!

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Rearward facing until approx. age 7

I’m pretty sure we have covered this point already but rearward facing travel will keep your child as safe as possible and as the only car seat on the market that car rearward faces until 7 years old – you must agree the Axkid ONE is pretty special!

Axkid have also taken this one step further and created the Axkid ONE with the best leg room we have ever seen on an ERF car seat! Up to 7 years old you can rest assured that not only is your child super safe, but they are comfortable too!

Axkid One Image 5

As I’m sure you can tell we are very excited about this car seat and were so pleased to now have to available for next day delivery online or you can book an appointment to view it in store where one of our expert team would love to give you a full demonstration!

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