It may not feel like it at the 4am feed but babies sleep a lot! In fact, by the age of two they will have slept for 13 months of their life and as a parent you will very quickly realise the effects of a missed nap or a delayed bedtime.

In the early days, newborn babies sleep for around 17 hours every day which is essential for many reasons from restoring energy to building brain connections and a good night’s sleep will also mean a good temperament which also makes for a happy Mum and Dad!

The environment your little one sleeps in is super important and with closeness, safety and comfort being absolutely key we would always recommend a bedside crib to offer these key features for both baby and parent. We have a few great options in this category but one of our absolute favourites has got to be the multi-award winning SnuzPod and when we heard it was getting a makeover for 2020, we couldn’t wait to share with you, the brand new SnuzPod 4!!

So, what has changed?…

SnuzPod 4 fits more beds that any other bedside crib

If you aren’t familiar with the SnuzPod, it is a crib that attaches to your bed to keep your baby close as they sleep safely In their own sleep environment. As you know each bed is different but with the new updates you can buy with confidence that SnuzPod 4 will most certainly fit your bed thanks to its new height range which reaches up to an adult mattress height of 73cm.

Improved Ventilation

 Wherever baby is sleeping we want to ensure maximum breathability at all times and we were thrilled to see that Snuz have increased air-flow and ventilation on the SnuzPod 4. The new and improved SnuzPod has mattress level air-flow vents, extra base ventilation and an air permeable padded liner inside the pod itself.

Meets the new bedside crib safety standard BS EN 1130:2019

In line with the new bedside crib regulations, you can rest assured that the brand new SnuzPod 4 has a zip-down half-height wall to ensure you baby is as safe as possible at every bedtime.

ComfortAir System

The SnuzPod 4 boasts the innovative ComfortAir Breathable System which encourages healthy air flow and improves breathability that assists with your baby’s temperature regulation as a result. It includes mattress-level air flow vents, a super supportive mattress with 3D breathable mesh cover, upgraded base ventilation and a machine washable padded mesh liner.

New Colours

Aswell as some fabulous new design features, the SnuzPod 4 has some beautiful new colours which we’re sure you will love! SnuzPod 4 is available in Dove, Dusk, Natural, White, Rose White, Navy, Slate and Urban. With lots of colours to choose from, you’re sure to find one that fits your home perfectly!

Award Winning Features

Aswell as all of the amazing new features, we’re so pleased to see some of our favourite existing features have remained too and when buying the SnuzPod 4 you can also enjoy…

  • A lift off bassinett
  • A reflux tilt
  • Dual view breathable mesh sides
  • A rocking stand

The SnuzPod 4 is in stock now and can be purchased online or in one of our beautiful Wigan or Stoke on Trent showrooms! Shop Now