After its launch in 2020, the Silver Cross Eclipse collection has been one of the most loved special editions of the year and it has gone from strength to strength as it is now available throughout the Silver Cross range.
If you love the Eclipse collection but you’re not sure which is the model for you, today we want to take a closer look at each pushchair and from Jet to Wave today we want to talk about all their fabulous features!

Silver Cross Eclipse Collection

Silver Cross Jet

The Silver Cross Jet is an ultra-compact lightweight that will fold small enough to fit in an airplane overhead locker and it can even be wheeled like a suitcase for super easy travelling!

Suitable from birth Jet can be used right from day one and your little one will be supported and comfortable thanks to the multi position recline, calf support and super padded seat unit. The 5-point harness will keep your baby safe and secure and the viewing window in the hood means you can always easily keep an eye on them.

If you are venturing to warmer climates the extendable sun canopy has UPF50+ to keep your child protected from harmful rays and the back panel of the hood can lift allowing excellent air flow through the mesh panel underneath.

All round suspension makes the Jet comfortable to push and the front swivel wheels are super manoeuvrable which is perfect for busy city streets! The basket is a great size for carrying your essentials and once you’re ready to fold Jet away, its collapses into the handy travel bag will keep everything neat, tidy and protected.

If your little one is snoozing in their car seat, you don’t have to worry about waking them as the Simplicity easily fits onto the Jet stroller with just a set of adaptors, this is great for short journeys and means you don’t have to disturb you baby from their afternoon nap!
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Silver Cross Jet Eclipse

Silver Cross Pioneer

The Silver Cross Pioneer is the most traditional option in the Eclipse collection and is one of our all-time best-selling travel systems.

Suitable from birth your baby will be safe and protected in the lay flat carrycot and the super soft bamboo lining is naturally anti-bacterial and will help to regulate your baby’s temperature. The carrycot can also be used for overnight sleeping which is really handy for the occasional sleepover!

From around 6 months, your baby will move into the seat unit which they can comfortably ride in until 25kg (which is around 5 years old!) and the multi recline is great for afternoon napping. Just like the carrycot, the seat unit has an extendable hood and the peek-a-boo window means you can easily check on your little one especially if your seat unit is world facing.

The frame of the Pioneer features two larger wheels at the back which are great for all terrains and the smaller swivel wheels at the front make the pushchair really manouverable. The Pioneer can be folded in just a few seconds and will even fold with the seat unit still attached which is a big thumbs up from us!

Silver Cross Pioneer Eclipse

Silver Cross Surf

The Silver Cross Surf is the longest standing model in the line up and thanks to its unique design its perfect if you’re looking for a pushchair that will stand out from the crowd!

Suitable from birth the Silver Cross Surf can be used right from day 1 using the super snug carrycot – we absolutely love the shape of the Surf carrycot and it features the beautiful bamboo lining we mentioned earlier which both you and your baby will love!

As approximately 6 months your baby will move into the seat unit which has lots of room for them to grow up to 15kg and the seat has a multi recline position which is great for afternoon napping. Just like the carrycot, the seat unit has an extendable hood with a peek-a-boo window which means you can easily check on your little one throughout the day.

The frame of the Surf is probably our favourite part as its not only the shape that makes it special but the Surf wheel is inspired by mountain bike technology to offer incredible suspension so your baby will be comfortable on any journey!

Silver Cross Surf Eclipse

Silver Cross Wave

Looking for a pram that will grow with your family? Silver Cross Wave is the one for you!

The Wave is Silver Cross’ future proof travel system and straight out of the box you can choose from 7 single to double configurations without having to buy anything else!

In single mode the functionality and overall look of the Wave is very similar to that of the Pioneer with a few extra features that we love!

  • The Wave carrycot has an additional carrycot stand – this is perfect for use around the house of if you are using the carrycot overnight, its great for lifting your baby up higher from the ground.
  • Extra carrycot ventilation – the Wave carrycot has a very clever adjustable ventilation system on the bottom so you can change the levels in hotter or colder climates.

From one child to two, the Wave easily converts in to a double and depending on the age gap between your children, you may need to buy the tandem seat as an extra that your newborn will use from 6 months +

If you’re lucky enough to have twins, the Wave also works super well as a double and offers lots of space for both children to grow with a total of 30 combinations all together!

Click here to see all 30 configurations!

Silver Cross Wave Eclipse

Silver Cross Dream

We are so excited that the Silver Cross Dream car seat now comes in matching Eclipse fabrics as not only does it look incredible, but it has been awarded the highest rating by independent testing body ADAC, making it the safest choice for your newborn!!

From your baby’s first journey home, they will be safe and secure in the Dream car seat surrounded by super soft Bamboo fabrics and 4 layers of side impact protection. The newborn insert means they are always in the most comfortable position and the seat adjusts as they grow all the way from birth to approximately 15 months old!

Complete with an isofix base to fit it safely and securely in the car, the Dream car seat is an absolute dream, and we love it!!

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