As wonderful as the realisation is, that you will soon bring your new baby home, it comes with the stress of having to have everything prepared for the arrival.

Apart from organising your things and getting the everyday essentials, there are also some key items you need to have prepared, preferably in the second trimester. These are the accessories, which you need to arrange in your house before your little bundle of joy is born. These main accessories, such as prams, car seats, cots, bouncers and other products tend to eat away quite a lot from one’s budget. So to help you get ready, we have compiled advice on getting premium quality products for a budget.

Your must-have items

Some accessories take time to arrive and you need to prepare the baby’s space well. So you can rest easy for the first 3 to 4 months, but then you need to start preparing. There are some accessories, which you should order first, as you will need to find space for them in your home and get them ready whilst pregnant. It just so happens, that choosing the best ones for you is time consuming, so we will focus on these items to give you ample time to get them ready.

Kinderkraft Newborn Essentials

The car seat

You will need it to bring the baby home from the hospital. It is best to have it already installed pre-birth, so that everything is done properly. There is a plethora of choice, one way to save money is to purchase a car seat which is durable and will serve your baby for a couple of years. So the models, which grow with your baby are the ones to look for. A great contender is Kinderkraft MYWAY awarded gold by Mother&Baby. When making the choice make sure the switch between sizes is effective and that the seat is of good quality. Very often these adapting models have similar prices to the un-adjustable models, but long term you will be richer for it. Additionally, looking into warranties and company policies helps with finding the best option. For example, any sort of collision can compromise the safety of a car seat, therefore these must be acquired new. That is why getting one with a post-collision-exchange option is a good way to be secure. That is why Kinderkraft exchanges car seats for new ones for free if there was an accidental collision, even if there is no visible impact to the seat.

Kinderkraft MYWAY Car Seat

An alternate option is to look for a multifunctional stroller/pram with a car seat in the package. Such items are a fantastic way to get more out of your money. Just verify whether the multifunctionality provides useful features.

Kinderkraft Mink Car Seat

The stroller

To be able to travel with your baby and go for walks, which is a great activity, you shall need a pram for the first couple of months and a stroller once your baby gets older. The top advice for saving on a stroller is getting a multifunctional one, which with adjustments changes between a pram and a stroller. Do check whether it reclines fully and you are good to go. Here look for 3-in-1 models, so that you get the car seat as well, these are Kinderkraft’s XMOOV, PRIME2020 and JULI. Depending on the model you will get some extra accessories such as a footmuff, a rain cover, a bag, a cup holder and many more. It is also worth making sure, that the prices for different models are adequate to the features and quality and you are not spending money on some fancy design, but functionality. So look at the standards and features. You certainly want to check the wheels for the shock absorption, whether the switch between a pram and a stroller works well and other useful features, such as the hood size and adjustable handle bar.
Apart from the multifunctional models, good deals can be found in bundles. Usually, product bundles have lower margins. However do compare to make sure and check various retailers as these tend to be exclusive, just like the selection of bundles we have from Kinderkraft. Additionally, often during special events and new product introductions brands create promotional codes. These discounts might not seem to be a lot, but in the total bill it will make a difference. So do look at the social media of the brands you are considering as well as some discount/voucher websites. You can also check in with different portals and mum influencers, they often have dedicated promotional codes as well.

Kinderkraft Juli Stroller

The sleeping arrangement

A new-born’s bed can serve him or her for longer. Truly, there is no need to spend money on a small bassinet. The best way is to start with a cot instead, particularly one that can be used as a travel one as well, just like Kinderkraft’s LOVI. It might seem quite unimaginable now, but soon you will be taking your little one to the garden or on the balcony. A lightweight cot will be fantastic in this scenario! It can also be very handy if it can be attached to your bed, a co-sleeper is wonderful during the first months and many models, like the Kinderkraft NESTE UP, can also stand alone in a separate room. So there really is a worthy case for considering the multifunctionality of the cot you select.

Kinderkraft Neste Up Bedside Crib

Baby gear

These are the little helpers, which are key in everyday life. A play mat is a perfect and safe toy for your baby and very often these are designed to help your new born develop, just like Kinderkraft’s SMARTPLAY. Get one that has some toys attached, so that it will help you spend less on toys as well. Make sure it is easy to clean, as it will be used a lot.

Kinderkraft Educational Mat - Smartplay

A baby carrier is very handy, even when you are in your own home, it keeps your baby close and at the same time gives you the opportunity to use your hands. A good one, like Kinderkraft NINO will be certified by IHDI. It is usually an accessory you will start using once the baby is 3 months or older, but it is good to have one ready beforehand. During the first couple of months you will be so busy, it would be tasking to select one once the baby is born.

Kinderkraft Nino baby Carrier

The case for the feeding chair is similar, do your research now, you will be quite busy once the child is born and it is best to make sure you have a good quality one before the baby arrives. The features to look for are strain resistant fabric and ease of cleaning, just like in Kinderkraft’s YUMMY.

Kinderkraft Yummy Highchair

A bouncer might seem like an extra money, you don’t need spent. But these are fantastically good in keeping your baby happy, particularly models that can be used from the first days.. Or look for those which adjust along with the baby’s age and have some great features like extra toys, just like Kinderkraft’s UNIMO or UNIMO 2020.

Kinderkraft Unimo Bouncer Cradle

Top tips for getting them well priced:

Look at price comparison websites, coupon and discount websites are a great option to go for as well. Therefore, order ahead of time, so that you have time to look for good prices. Watch videos and live events to learn more about product features and select the ones for you which fulfil as many checkpoints on your list as possible. Often such events are accompanied by offers. These and many more accessories are often prizes in contests organised by brands and bloggers, so have a look on the internet and see what is available. If you apply for various give-aways, chances are you will win one of the above. Quite often you will find, that a brand you want already had a contest, a good idea is to follow them on social media, then you will see when they announce the next one. Otherwise you might miss these announcements, as often these are sent as dark posts – the ones brand followers will get. Lastly, all of the above accessories can be acquired in various bundles on our website, we have a special offer of Kinderkraft bundles. These in fact were created with parents’ comfort and children’s safety in mind, so contain different multifunctional products.

Getting ready for the arrival – top tips:

Make sure to declutter your home – the baby is little, but it will need many accessories and clothes, which will take up space and you will need to have easy access to these.

Test the products – make sure everything is in order whilst you are pregnant, so that you can take care of eventual exchanges and returns.

Everyday essentials need to be prepared for the first couple of weeks – feeding, diapering, bathing, clothing, blankets, pacifiers and nursery are best prepared by the 9th month.

Have the clothes, first batch of napkins and other essentials ready and sterilised at least 2 weeks before the planned birth date. The first time will be quite time consuming, you will need to familiarise yourself with the instructions on water temperature etc.

Baby proofing can wait until the baby is actually mobile, so you can save some time.
Prepare frozen meals for yourself – these might be your saviour once the baby arrives.
Prepare a hospital bag – just to be safe have it ready sooner.
Install the car seat in the vehicle – so that it is ready for your baby’s first trip home.
Make sure to have some me time – you are going to do great!